Transparent Conductive Oxides (TCOs)

Discover TCOs using resistivity and optical measurements.

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Transparent conducting oxides are thin oxide films which are transparent and conductive. They are an important component in a number of electronic devices such as liquid crystal displays, OLEDs, touchscreens and photovoltaics. Thorough research is being performed to find new and improved TCO materials. This database includes over 2M optical measurements and 200K sheet resistance measurements for thin oxide films, which can accelerate the discovery of new and improved TCOs.

Accelerating transparent conductive oxides R&D with machine learning

Machine learning algorithms in combination with novel experimental data can accelerate the process of materials design and discovery for transparent conductive oxides. Using machine learning algorithms on experimental data we can discover new materials which can serve transparent conductive oxides, get ‘materials recipes’ for synthesizing materials, and build tools to automatically analyze new measurements to retrieve insights. This could help design new and improved transparent conductive oxides. 

Interact with live Optical R&D Data

Interact with live Sheet Resisitance R&D Data

CASE STUDY | Combinatorial Lab Accelerates Discovery with MZ

Bar-Ilan conducts hundreds of experiments to identify new photovoltaic compositions. Leveraging the MaterialsZone platform, researchers experienced an 85% cost reduction during innovation cycle.

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