Soft Semi Conductors

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Soft semiconductors are materials comprised of molecules held together by weak van der Waals bonds. The soft- semiconductors optical properties are relatively immune to structural defects and disorder in bulk. Hence they are uniquely suited for large area electronics such as video displays, and solar cells. This database including millions of optical, composition, XRD, and Raman measurements on semiconductors which can act as a catalyst for semiconductor research.

Accelerating soft semiconductors R&D with machine learning

Machine learning algorithms in combination with novel experimental data can accelerate the process of materials design and discovery for soft semiconductors. Using machine learning algorithms on experimental data we can discover new soft semiconductors, get ‘materials recipes’ for synthesizing soft semiconductors and build tools to automatically analyze new measurements to retrieve insights. This could help design new soft semiconductors for large area electronics.

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CASE STUDY | Combinatorial Lab Accelerates Discovery with MZ

Bar-Ilan conducts hundreds of experiments to identify new photovoltaic compositions. Leveraging the MaterialsZone platform, researchers experienced an 85% cost reduction during innovation cycle.

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