The forbidden energy gap between the valence band (VB) and the conduction band (CB) of a material, which needs to be overcome to produce free charge carriers. 

The bandgap determination is accomplished using the Tauc plots, where (αhν)n is plotted as a function of the energy hν (h- Planck’s constant, ν- energy frequency) for a given point in the library. 

The power n is established based on the type of bandgap the material has. For a direct bandgap n=2 and for an indirect bandgap n=0.5. The obtained graph, from the (αhν)n vs. hν plot, contains a linear area to which a straight line is fitted and extrapolated to the energy (x) axis. 

The point where the linear fit and the x-axis intercept is the bandgap of the material,

Over 100,000 band gaps were calculated from optical scans and thickness measurements for over 600 libraries. 

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