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Seven years in the making

MaterialsZone combinatorial database is based on seven years of research (2011-2018 and counting) in the High Throughput Combinatorial Lab of the Bar Ilan Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (BINA). This database includes over 700,000 samples created from over 100 starting materials. The materials include a wide variety of oxides, and several perovskites studied for photovoltaic purposes. 

3,000,000+ measurements

The database includes over 3,000,000 measurements including optical measurements, Current-voltage measurements, XRD, Raman, EDS, sheet resistance, and more. In addition, the database includes multiple analysis values on the measurements such as absorptance, thicknesses and maximum current derived from the optical measurements, and open circuit voltage, short circuit current, and maximum power derived from the current-voltage measurement. 

Research for development

This database is based on research for the development of all-oxide solar cells, electrochemistry, impedance modelling, batteries, and self-cleaning windows.

In the following, we describe the combinatorial materials libraries, and combinatorial database; materials and scans, including optical scans, sheet resistance, composition data, XRD, band gap, etc.

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